Philippe Cazer et Frédéric Winkler - © Francesca Mantovani

It is our passion for objects that led us to create DCW éditions. Objects which are companions to our daily existence that are reliable, honest, carefully through and perfectly crafted. Objects perfect of their kind, but also beautiful and generous. Objects that we treat with respect, but wich we grow attached over time. A way of living, a way of seeing.

We publish this day three objects of timeless design:

The Lampe Gras created by Bernard-Albin Gras, balanced, intelligent, transparent and elegant: an icon of lighting.

The Surpil chair designed and engineered by Julien Henri-Porche; comfortable, light, stylish and discreet, can be used indoors and outdoors: a real object.

The MANTIS collection by Bernard Schottlander, a half-way between balance and unbalance such as mobiles, these lamps seem to defy the law of gravity. The poetry of the object makes us dream: elegance on wire...